What Is Interior Design?

Interior design is the art and science of creating functional spaces in a built environment by applying creative and technical solutions that are also attractive and beneficial to the occupant’s quality of life and culture.

Why Hire an Interior Designer?
Working with an interior designer can help you avoid making costly mistakes during the construction or remodel process. Additionally, you get the benefit of their experience and knowledge as well as their access to the products and trades-people you need to get the best results for your project.

When should I hire an Interior Designer?
The sooner the better. A designer can help at any stage of the design process; however, the best results are experienced when the designer is involved in the process from the beginning.

How do you charge for Interior Design Services?
Our fees are based on the scope of work. Our contracts can be presented as a flat design fee or on an hourly basis. After our initial consultation, we review this and set a budget to work with.

How Are Freight and Deliveries Handled?
These apply when ordering furniture, fabrics and accessories and this is something HOD is happy to take care of and will manage the logistics. These fees are passed along to the client with no additional mark-up. Freight fees are billed by the weight of an item. Delivery is billed by the amount of time and manpower required for the particular delivery.

What happens at the first consultation?
We meet with you at your location, or at our offices, have a coffee together and chat through your goals and define the scope of work. We assess your budget, establish collaborators and create an Estimated Fee Proposal for our services. This proposal indicates the amount of time we will need to meet your requirements.

We take the time to review the Architect’s plans with the interior fit out in mind. This may include looking at joinery, kitchen and bathroom layouts. We then reiterate your brief back to you in the form of a “look and feel” – imagery, ideas, initial samples of finishes and space planning that capture the possibilities and vision for the project.

This is indicative of a full-service design, and each scope of work will be different. Call me to discuss if you have any questions

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